PEG Fed Transition Success Coaching.

Freedom is life without a feeding tube. It doesn’t need to be your life sentence, find another path with the Mind Food Body program.

If you want to know more and you’d like to explore how I can help, watch this video to understand what the program is about, then book a call with me. Take your first step towards Peg Fed transition success.

Who AM I?

Just who is Yvonne McClaren?

In 2018 Yvonne packed up her life, turned down an opportunity to audition for MasterChef, quit her job and relocated to Southeast Asia. The plan, to explore work in teaching hospitality, event management and food. Yvonne was following her passion to teach others using different cuisines and how to use food as medicine.

Three months later, her persistent sore throat brought her back to Australia, it was then that her life was turned upside down. Within two weeks she was being operated on for a squamous cell carcinoma (HPV Cancer) and within three weeks, not swallowing any food or water orally.

Yvonne lost a third of her tongue, a lot of weight, both tonsils, a large tumour and 30 lymph nodes. Radiation and chemotherapy followed alongside a 15 month stint with a PEG tube feeder (gastrostomy tube).

Two years post-treatment, Yvonne has oropharyngeal dysphagia & is on a mission to help motivate others around the world to transition off their feeding tube back to oral eating using real food. To stay motivated, create a new way of eating and explore what might be available for you.

I am driven to use my passion for food to help others who suffer from dysphagia and the after-effects of head and neck cancer treatment, to live a better life and one that is PEG tube free.

Yvonne Grace McClaren

Set you on a path to a “life” without a feeding tube in 21 days



Invest in a support program to place you on a path to a life without a feeding tube.

What I am offering and what I have built in this program is, everything I have discovered, understood, researched and mastered into five clear modules, that take you from where you are now to (what took me over 12 months to discover) and that is, how to go through the mind, food and body process that is the consolidation of all that I have learnt into one clear pathway, you will master all of these areas in 21 days and I’ll help you through it, that is PEG Fed transition success coaching.


Helping individuals to become the best version​ of themselves

A Highly Valuable Resource

Yvonne’s knowledge of food, adaptability and cooking techniques have assisted her to transition from tube-feeding to a more normal diet and the lessons she learnt and the knowledge she can impart are a highly valuable resource for anyone embarking or recovering from head and neck cancer treatment.
Dr. Andrew Foreman
B.Physio, BMBS (Hons) PhD, FRACS Head & Neck Oncologic & Microvascular Reconstructive Surgeon ENTSA

Step-by-Step Guidance

The work that Yvonne is doing is so important, the practical step by step guidance to help people going through this difficult adjustment to the impacts of head and neck cancer and the difficulty with swallowing food. I think it will benefit many clients.
Rachael Elliott
Senior Clinical Psychologist
Brain Injury Field.

It’s Such Important Work

Food is such a gift and the work you are doing, passing information to our brothers and sisters and encouraging them – It’s such important work, I am in awe of you.

Elly Brown
Singer, Actress & TV Host
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What People are Saying

“I am constantly impressed that your love of food has not diminished. The effort you make is inspiring, well done you.”
@LavenderCottageUrban Instagram
“Taking her amazing skills and love of food to help others (and herself) as a head and neck cancer patient, go well “
Denyse – Twitter 
“ You understand our special needs tastebuds so well”

Toni – Facebook
Love your work, Yvonne. What a tough journey you’ve been on. As always – never one to miss the moment – you’ve harnessed all your skills and community to forge a new path and create an extraordinary ongoing resource for others. What a contribution. Stay strong.
Robyn -LinkedIn


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