Tongue taste flavour

A difficult diagnosis to swallow. #SAD March 16

“Today I can’t swallow” – a poem by Yvonne McClaren – March 2022

Tongue taste flavour

Two years post treatment and today I just can’t manage.

I naively thought things would improve.

How wrong can you be. I now know that things trigger this onset of dysphagia. Mostly I try to ignore it, that niggling feeling in my jaw bone where the flesh has pulled away. My tongue when it refuses to go in the direction I want it to go, the tenderness where it was removed, my ears with their constant buzzing and the fact that I simply can’t swallow anymore. Something so simple causes so much anxiety grief and uncertainty.

Today it was a list of things that has brought me to my bed in the middle of the afternoon.

I simply wanted to check out for a while.

Today I can’t swallow

The simplicity of soup is beyond me, soft pudding and cream, water, everything creating more issues and more coughing, spitting and despair.

Today I can’t swallow.

We take for granted small things, like grazing, absently picking at a food platter, knowing the freedom of eating out, socialising, talking, praising and being part of something other than the club of dysphagia.

Happy international swallow awareness day. #SAD

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