Strong values with a motivational coaching style.

Yvonne is a yoga and kickboxing addict with a wicked sense of humour and a passion for food, wine and cooking.

Yvonne G McClaren

Yvonne was born and bred in Adelaide, South Australia. Working as an executive in the not-for-profit sector and with a love for travel, Yvonne has lived in Sydney, Melbourne, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and for a few months in Vietnam when she was diagnosed with Oropharyngeal Cancer (Tonsil Cancer).

Yvonne is a passionate advocate for using real food to transition off a PEG tube back to oral eating, Yvonne walks the talk and is a living example of what your future might look like.

A contributor to the publication “From Treatment to Table” for Student Dietitians at Griffith University of Queensland (Nutrition & Dietetics).

A participant in “Soup for the Soul online cooking workshop” for Head and Neck Cancer Australia and the “Swallowing and Quality of Life study” with the University of Technology Sydney. Yvonne has been featured in Fruitful Conversations podcasts “When all you want is Tea & Toast” with Lynne Schinella and Sue Larconic’s “Women living well after 50” podcast. Yvonne has also been featured in the “Women of Courage Series” via Denyse Whelan’s blog.

Future projects are planned with the Head Neck Cancer Foundation based in the UK & the virtual International Head & Neck Cancer Conference (hosted by Cardiff) and The Swallows HNC support group.

When she’s not manipulating recipes or practising headstands, you will find her in her garden and lavishing love on her fur children, Squiddles and Rocket.


People diagnosed with Head & Neck Cancer in Australia in 2020.

Head and Neck Cancer in Australia statistics- Data source: AIHW Cancer Data in Australia 2020


Are caused by HPV

Men are three times more likely to be diagnosed than women.

3.6 %

Rethinking Dysphagia

“social isolation, loneliness & reduced quality of life”

Luciano Pavarotti

“One of the nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote attention to eating”

Newcastle University
Institute of Health & Society

“Current regimes of medical assessment & support did not address or ameliorate the way a altered relationship to food has changed their lives far beyond the realms of weight & nutrition”

Dornan et al, Ulster University Northern Ireland

“HCP’s must ensure eating & drinking needs of patients are explored beyond the physical domains”

Tony Robbins

“It’s your moments of decision that destiny is shaped”

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It’s my mission to help more people around the world discover a new path to life without their feeding tube. This program shares the exact journey I took to transitioning back to swallowing food again.

I enlisted many auxiliary people to help me on my transition journey.

Massage, physiotherapy, special dental, dry needling & acupuncture, naturopathy and personal fitness trainers.

Each had their own speciality and each, supported, encouraged and helped me move through the stages of my treatment.