Anxious free eating over the holiday season with this 3 berry fluff for altered eating.

Keto friendly and anti-inflammatory – 3 Berry Fluff

You might like to add the Watermelon Sorbet with rosewater as a shaved garnish.

Recipe here.

3 Berry Fluff (Keto Friendly) with shaved watermelon sorbet with rose water (optional)

1 individual serve

2 medium – large Strawberries

8 Blueberries

6 Blackberries

50 grams full fat cream cheese

½ cup full fat heavy cream

¼ teaspoon vanilla essence (optional)

Stevia to taste (optional)

Wash berries in vinegar solution and remove any stems.

I do this whilst they are in their plastic containers and pop a piece of paper towel on the bottom of the container and repack them. They keep longer in the fridge and the vinegar removes seeds and any pathogens.

Place berries in a blender with all the ingredients and blend until light and fluffy.

Refrigerate in a serving bowl until needed.

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