setting goals with head & neck cancer

Goal setting provides mental benefits to head & neck cancer patients.

Here’s what I do in late December of each year – after HNC treatment I found this really important once I had gotten through the worst of the healing & treatment.

I set about redirecting my focus and energy.

Yvonne McClaren
  1. Set massive goals
  2. Write those goals down in a dedicated journal
  3. Expect to fail at some
  4. Keep flexibility both mentally & physically
  5. Map out a 10 year time line
  6. Highlight who & what is important
  7. Work out strategies to achieve goals
  8. Stop feeling guilty about focusing on your needs and wants
  9. Set systems in place to succeed
  10. Know when to quit

Around the end of January I like to revisit those goals and I re-adjust some, add some and action some. Look at them again and see how realistic they are especially the short term ones. Are you able to do them , even a few of them?

I like to think of my 10 year or even life long goal as the number of summers I likely have left. So for me that means I have about 25 summers left on this planet ( if I am lucky). What do I want to do in that remaining time. Obviously here you are only taking a guess. I find this helps to put things in perspective. We don’t always understand time. To put it in terms of the number of summers or winters helps clarify your thoughts.

I know some of my food goals include going out socially more. When I can, travel and try different cuisines again with my new parameters. Have you factored in goals around finances? This treatment is not inexpensive nor the activity that keeps us mobile and eating. Physiotherapy, massages, certain sport, visiting a naturopath. Supplements to help your immune system. Paying a teacher for yoga, stretching. I factored all these things in when setting my goals for the year.

what would you do if you knew you only had 25 summers left?

No Feeding Tubes

I break my goals down into big, medium and small. I think big, what if money and time were no barriers. What would I do.

What have you stopped doing after treatment that you always use to do? There is a goal right there. Do that!

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