PEG-feeding help dysphagia

How to drink Bacon

Start with bacon powder – PEG-feeding help dysphagia

First you have to powder it. I took 6 rashes of bacon and grilled it on high. Let it cool and then grind it to a powder in a coffee/spice grinder. Store in an airtight jar in the fridge. Add to soups to drink it (try cauliflower, potato and leek) casseroles, scrambled eggs, sauces and pizza bases. It’s a great food product to flavour layer (unami). You could also use it in toasted sandwiches with cheese.

You can access more adapted recipe ideas at The Food Manifesto.

The Food Manifesto

I found COVID lockdown very timely. Not only did it give me a chance to convalesce, it also provided thinking time about what I was going to do with my new life post Head Neck Cancer treatment.  Read: it’s total ham hocks!

As it happened, I joined a few passions of mine together that is food, coaching & writing. It got me to thinking about the long term effects of the treatment, what it was like for me, and likely many others around the world. As a result, my skill set can help others manipulate food for easier swallowing and better taste.

PEG-feeding help dysphagia

The support received after head and neck cancer is vitally important. I read this citation with interest and discovered an area where I could help.

I discovered a gaping hole in the area of most interest to me, food, or more specifically, transitioning off a PEG tube feeder and social eating. 

My issue now is oropharyngeal dysphagia. I had a PEG feeder for 15 months. Despite my knowledge of food, nutrition and being pretty handy in the kitchen, I really struggled with transitioning off that PEG-feeding tube.

So here I am – still learning, still eating and connecting with people worldwide to support the cause for resource development for people with dysphagia and transitioning off a PEG feeder.

This review is important research. It really underpins all that I am passionate about and I believe is such a worth while review, especially for long term assistance for people with PEG tube feeders. 

One of the main study findings that really resonated with me was “The constant battle, (2) food alterations and nutritional support, (3) not joining in, (4) coping (5) relationships and (6) longing for ‘normality’.

Click the link to get an instant download of the review of the social eating and drinking experiences of HNC patients.

As I continue to research and find resources to help others, I found this interesting question on social media from a desperate PEG Fed adult – “How do I liquify bacon so that I can continue to enjoy it ?”

The pain is real and the things we miss out on continue to surprise me daily.

Oh and for the record, the answer was “with great difficulty”.

We all resort to licking Pringles.

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