Lesson 2 IDDSI Framework

IDDSI what is it and why it’s useful for individuals with dysphagia and their carers. How to use it as a communication tool for your specific needs. What are transitional foods and the likely consistency of food and drink that’s right for you.

IDDSI - International Dysphagia Diet Standards

The IDDSI framework consists of a continuum of 8 levels (0-7), where drinks are measured from Levels 0 – 4, while foods are measured from Levels 3 – 7.

The IDDSI Framework provides a common terminology to describe food textures and drink thickness.

IDDSI Food and Drink Test Methods PDF

IDDSI Complete Framework PDF

IDDSI Framework-Evidence Statement PDF

Other Helpful Resources

Australian Guide to Healthy Eating - Basic Nutrition PDF

Swallow Study - Good basic resources for information by Karen Sheffler (USA Based)

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Lina Breik – Tube Dietitian (Australian based)