Your Path – Introduction


By the time you have reached this course you are probably in one of a number of stages of TUBE feeding. Either you are just home from hospital and been supplied a box or two of food, or you are well on your way down the healing path and wondering how to start transitioning back to oral eating and getting rid of the tube feed. If you have someone caring for you it can be equally as difficult for them. This module will help you both understand some of the issues you are likely going through. Gaining some foundational information and where to from there. Knowing where you are on your pathway allows you to pinpoint the likely steps and stages available to you so that you can take control over your own journey with food and dysphagia. In this module we take a look at the basics and what’s important in starting your transition journey back to oral eating.

This information is USA & UK based and I have found this website extremely helpful as I am sure you will too.