Mash Potato with Clam Cream

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Recipes for Dysphagia. Flavour layering for fatigued tastebuds. Another high protein dish is Chickpea Cream with Clam and Cherry Tomato Drops. (recipe below)

For when you want the taste of the ocean and smoothness of cream.

Recipe for dysphagia. Flavour layering.


1 big potato, 500 grams of fresh clams or cockles, parsley, garlic to taste (I add about 3 cloves), good glug of quality olive oil, salt.


Step 1

To clean clams put them in fresh water ( just covered for about 20 minutes) They will spit out their sand and salt water. Whilst the clams are self cleaning, peel & boil the potato in salty water until soft.

Step 2

Put the olive oil and garlic in a fry pan (with a lid) big enough to hold all the clams and fry for a minute or two, then add parsley, clams and leave to cook with the lid on until all the clams open up. (Don’t salt the clams) . They are ready when all the clam shells are open.

Step 3

When they are all open, pour off the pan juices into a glass jar or bowl and retain. Shell the clams (take the meat out of the shells) and then blend them with an immersion blender, if necessary, add hot water to obtain the right texture and keep the cream warm.

Take the boiled potato & mash it with  potato masher or blend it with an immersion blender, then mix mashed potatoes with olive oil and clams water (cooking juices you kept aside in the bowl or jar) Serve mashed potatoes with clam cream on top.

Another option is Chickpea & Clam Cream with Cherry Tomato Drops. This recipe is available for members of The Food Manifesto here

Here’s why clams are a superfood – lean source of protein, rich in minerals, vitamins and Omega -3 fatty acids.

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