“Food is a means of social integration, it’s our social cohesion and cultural identity”

Sharing food & eating together at the table.

There’s a difference in wanting to eat versus having to eat.

Fear, fatigue & lack of inspiration all play their part in getting back to eating together at the table.

This program is a multidisciplinary approach to support your transition journey and as such, goes beyond the mechanical functional tasks of eating & drinking, ensuring you have strategies to have you sharing food at the table with family & friends again.


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The Mind Food Body Basic

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If you want my absolute best coaching and training around living your BEST food life go no further than the Mind Food…


The Mind Food Body Plus

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Take your food life to the next level with MFB PLUS. You get everything in the MFB BASIC plus a detailed guide of how…


The Mind Food Body Premium

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If you are looking to get the most out of this program, then why not spend some one-on-one time with the person who c…


Learn proven transition strategies for PEG transitioning

Learning how to transition back to oral eating can be confusing and fraught with stress and anxiety.

Eating more via mouth, maintaining weight and covering dietitian recommendations is not straight forward. The Mind Food Body program removes some of the stress, provides tools to manage your journey and the motivation to keep going.


The detailed roadmap for transitioning back to oral eating…

We all have our own story and how and why you have a feeding tube is just as bespoke as the way you are likely to deal with it, mentally, socially and physically. This program is for people who ( be you a carer or client) who would like support, motivation and direction to transition back to oral eating from someone who has successfully transitioned and who continues every day to build on their food repertoire.

Knowing where you are on your pathway allows you to pinpoint the likely steps and stages available to you so that you can take control over your own journey with food and dysphagia. In this module we take a look at the basics and what’s important in starting your transition journey back to oral eating.

How using your mind and breath can help you get through those anxious moments, being organised and adjuvant therapies I used to help me swallow. Caring for your thoughts, systems I used to stay organised and stress free during and post treatment.

We will look at getting your kitchen organised for your tube feeding and transitioning. Pantry items, freezer items, shopping lists, meal plans, useful appliances, recipes and getting back in touch with food. The Four “S’s” to transitioning, the the four “P’s” of food activity.

An integral part of the course, your body is such an important part of eating. Trismus, mouthcare, exercise, massage, skin care and sleep. We will also discuss social, emotional, and spiritual self care and the effects on transitioning back to oral eating.

This module wraps up neatly everything we have discussed in the other modules. I talk about failure, being selective about what information you take on board and ensuring your mind is set in the right frame for success.

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“It’s in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped” – Tony Robbins