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Mash Potato with Clam Cream

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Courtesy @Mangiare_al_Cucchiaio Recipes for Dysphagia. Flavour layering for fatigued tastebuds. Another high protein dish is Chickpea Cream with Clam and Cherry Tomato Drops. (recipe below) For when you want the…
PEG-feeding help dysphagia

How to drink Bacon

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Start with bacon powder – PEG-feeding help dysphagia First you have to powder it. I took 6 rashes of bacon and grilled it on high. Let it cool and then…
Soup for Dysphagia & taste buds

Brussel Sprout Soup

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Soup for Dysphagia & taste buds-Brassica oleracea Let’s be honest, there are two camps with Brussel Sprouts and I am never too sure to which I fit. I had a…
Adapted recipes for dysphagia

Let’s talk about sauce.

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We don’t think much about sauces until we get a bad one. You know that packet flavoured gloop thrown on top of an other wise good Parmi? A good sauce…

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