Motivational coaching for PEG tube transitioning

With a coach to guide and support you, coaching for PEG tube transitioning (you don’t need to have a PEG to apply!) can get your life back on track. As a result, you won’t need to struggle on your own anymore! Additionally, having a coach will inspire you to shop, cook, reconnect with food and eat again. In other words you will discover the joys of food again and all its benefits.

Let’s work out what works for you!


If you want my absolute best coaching and training around living your BEST food life go no further than the Mind Food Body Basic program. When you order you get instant access to:

• The 5-module social eating method taking you step by step through physical & mental food considerations
• The food run sheet tutorial to guide you through months of PEG tube transitioning
• The cheat sheet for meal planning and grocery purchase
• Tools for managing your new food life and being prepared in challenging situations
• Systemised process to create a food and eating roadmap based on your individual circumstances

Price $97


Take your food life to the next level with MFB PLUS.

You get everything in the MFB BASIC plus a detailed guide of how I transitioned using the four “S” and four “P” methodology. Created by me for me, using my lifelong skills as a chef and trainer.

I have created additional tutorials around the 5 module eating method that dive deeper into each module and additional bundled resources you can download and use.

Price $497


If you are looking to get the most out of this program, then why not spend some one-on-one time with the person who created it …me!

I created the MFB PREMIUM in order to not only give you my best training but custom coaching as well.

When you order the MFB PREMIUM program you are getting everything that comes in the PLUS program but ALSO an exclusive one hour coaching session with me where we can talk about anything and everything you want to cover.

Price $1,497


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There is no doubt that the journey is hard, so don’t go it alone!

Join the No Feeding Tubes – Mind, Food, Body program and get access to The Food Manifesto for FREE FOR A YEAR!


Join The Food Manifesto for monthly inspiration & motivation on recipes, tips on food manipulation, cooking lessons and demonstrations.

Love your brand. 
Keep up the great work – you are such an inspiration.  Love your spirit, commitment and determination..
Lyn H
The Food Manifesto Member

Good things come to those people who persevere and keep moving forward through the tough stuff. They don’t wait, they keep going and eventually those “aha” moments just appear out of nowhere! Interesting about the prawn crackers. I love prawn crackers!!
Sara R
Caterer for small events – Amuse La Bouche
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The Food Manifesto

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Gain confidence with ongoing help from a supportive like-minded community.

Make food preparation & meal times less overwhelming.

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Mind Food Body Program


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All access to the Mind Food Body Program, including five modules & twenty lessons. Plus a curated resource library.

Support & private online community for questions & connections with like minded people.

  • Create a food and eating roadmap based on your individual circumstances
  • Tools for managing your new food life
  • Being prepared for challenging situations
  • Managing your eating expectations
  • Techniques to ensure consistency in living your BEST food life
  • Navigating mine fields and mind traps
  • Foundations of cooking & meal preparation
  • Meal preparation for flavour & variety

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Frequently Asked Questions and the Mind Food Body Program are a worldwide movement to motivate and encourage the use of real food for PEG tube feeding transition. A simple pathway to transition from tube feeding back to oral consumption using real food.

You will need to fill out the online application form and we will have a discussion to establish the appropriateness of the program for you. You will also need access to Wifi and mobile, tablet or personal computer.

Full program payment must be received prior to access being granted. Instalment payments are available.

Once you have paid the program fee, you can take as little or as much time as you like to complete all five modules (20 lessons). It’s a self- paced course, 21 days is the recommended time frame to access pre set one on one phone calls and emails. 21 days is the recommended time frame only, you have access to the course for as long as you need.

This course is only available ‘on-line’ and prices are in US Dollars.

Yes the program suits both caregivers and clients.

The program can also be used by clinicians as a resource for their patients.

Bulk purchase options are available for clinicians*