Meals for throat cancer patients is about the 4 “S’s” – stock, soup, sauce and smoothies. If you have them mastered you have a lot of meals to choose from.

Meals for throat cancer patients, whether you have lip, tongue, larynx, pharynx, hypopharynx, nasal, salivary or sinus cancer, there’s something here for you.

For example, using soup in a mug as liquid chaser for a “transition” * food. There will be an idea, a recipe or a technique that will make your food life infinitely better.

The treatment received for HNC treatment does make eating difficult. Creating meals can be challenging. If you follow my four “S’s” principle, you will start to create your own bespoke library of recipes. You may apply this principle or yourself as the patient or for someone whom you are caring.

In this section I frequently add blogs about food and techniques I used in surviving head and neck cancer treatment.

Discover culinary techniques, tried and proven recipes to create your best food life through the many phases of head & neck cancer treatment. As a qualified chef and foodie I struggled to motivate myself through the many stages of healing and transitioning from a PEG tube back to oral eating.

Be inspired, be motivated, but above all eat your BEST food life.

* a transition food is more solid that dissolves easily whilst you move from PEG tube feeding to more solid foods orally. If you live in the US you can try Savorease.

You can listen to a soup for the soul workshop here

meals for throat cancer patients