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Are you thick? My morning smoothie and using a spoon

My morning smoothie has become a ritual, and I have gone from disliking smoothies to actually missing them if I can’t access a blender or ingredients. It’s an excellent way to get ‘green vegetable’ in your diet.

Essential Learning Points From This Episode

I have got this one down to exactly how I like it with just the right amount of sweetness and protein. It sits around the IDDSI level 2 or 3 – for me that’s perfect. If you want to make it thicker again add chia seeds. You can even make it to pudding consistency if that’s more your thing.

  • Oat milk ( made by soaking handfuls of rolled oats in filtered water and then blitzed in the blender) 250 – 300 mls

1 quarter segment of a medium avocado

1 bananna

25 grams of protein whey isolate

1 handful of greens ( spinach, parsley, rocket, silver beet leaves)

1 good teaspoon of peanut paste (butter)

1/3 teaspoon of mushroom powder ( ie a really small amount)

4 dried prunes ( I like to soak them in boiling water for about half an hour before use, I find they vitamise better and the syrupy water adds a nice sweetness)

2 small scoops of cacao powder ( optional or every second day)

Blitz this for about 3 minutes and pout into a glass or as I do, a transportable container that comes with me and allows me to drink it over time.

For a giggle you can watch my first ever You Tube Week 1 – making smoothies ! Wow things have changed since then.

Learning to make the correct weight gaining smoothies !

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