Tried and tested resources for your real food journey.

Here you will find products you can purchase to help you on your tube free journey. Also, you will find the home of The Food Manifesto, your online resource to help you bridge the gap between your dietitian and your kitchen.

Providing education, inspiration and a sense of community.

Monthly or annual membership fee to have access to recipes & cooking tips for dysphagia.

I assist people to create tasty and nourishing meals for dysphagia. Inspiration from guests and podcasts.


Let’s get building your food library your way!

Monthly Membership

Pay every month cancel at any time

$37.00 USD

Annual Membership

PAy annually and save $94.00

$350.00 USD per year


What do you get?

New skills

Learn new skills in making soup, simple meals, smoothies and cooking basics. Helping you transition from tube feed to mouth.

Support in the kitchen

Culinary support for people with dysphagia, providing inspiration to shop, cook and eat nutritious seasonal food. The support link between your dietitian & your kitchen.

A sense of community

Community based membership that gives you access to recipes, food ideas, shopping lists, tips, tricks to make that all important step toward eating real food again.