Festive dessert neck cancer

Watermelon sorbet with rosewater. Excellent keto dish, anti-inflammatory & gluten free.


Diced watermelon flesh

Filtered water

Rose water (about a capful)

Squeeze of lime (I used lemon) to taste

Teaspoon of honey


Take half a watermelon, remove rind and cut up into roughly uniform pieces and place on a tray that will fit in the freezer. Freeze overnight.

Once fully frozen, add to a blender (that can manage ice) and blend with filtered water, rose water, honey & lemon (lime juice) until you get a slightly slushy consistency.

Refreeze in a flat container (like a takeaway container – makes it easier to get out or shave off the top)

This was a messy job and blending did require some work and moving the frozen fruit continuously. You need a good blender that can manage ice and don’t be frightened to add little bits of water to keep the frozen fruit moving in the blender.

This is really nice shaved and served on top of the 3 Berry Fluff – that’s keto and high in protein. You can find the recipe here or join The Food Manifesto for regular recipes and ideas for meal planning for altered eating and to live your BEST food life following HNC treatment.

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